CHASKINAKUY Andean Village Music

Explorers and interpreters of traditional musics from South America's high mountains, Andean music specialists Edmond Badoux and Francy Vidal form the duo Chaskinakuy. Pronounced "Chas-kee-NA-kwee", the name translates from the Quechua as, "to give and receive, from hand to hand, among many".

Traversing musical territory from Ecuador to Argentina on an extraordinary collection of regional wind, string and percussion instruments, Chaskinakuy's performances offer a refreshing aural and visual experience. Pipes of feather, flutes of bone, a trumpet 10 feet long, and a harp played upside down evoke the sounds and images of high plateaus and rural celebrations in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, northern Chile and Argentina.

Duo Chaskinakuy becomes a trio when Daniel Zamalloa joins them on Peruvian violin, guitar and mandolin. Together, the trio explores the seldom heard repertories of music for the Andean harp, flutes and strings, and charts new territory for Andean music lovers.

"Badoux and Vidal's relaxed and intimate presentation sweeps the audience into a wonderful, mystical trek through time and history. The evening's instrumental and vocal performances were exquisite, elegant and sensual, revealing this couple's love for their work, their immense talent and skill."
Darla Martin-Tucker, El Chicano, San Bernardino, CA

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