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Since 1985, Chaskinakuy has brought its "Music of the Andes" assembly program to over 700 schools nationwide. Performing on more than 25 traditional wind, string and percussion instruments, Edmond Badoux and Francy Vidal introduce students to an ancient musical culture that, to this day, celebrates and reinforces the bonds people share with each other, with their history, and with the cycles of nature. Pipes of feather, flutes of bone, goatskin drums, and a trumpet 10 feet long are just some of the instruments that capture the sounds of the high Andes, and the imaginations of young audiences, in this musical excursion to mountain villages in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

Interactive, fast-moving and fun, the program adapts easily to grade levels K-12 and is available both in English and in a Spanish/English format. Students will clap, dance and play along as they expand their knowledge of Latin American culture, history, and geography.

Edmond and Francy also offer panpipes-making workshops for teachers, families, and students grade levels 5 and up. With simple materials and easy to follow instructions, the workshops teach the basics of how to make and play panpipes by oneself or with a friend. These workshops offer a unique opportunity to foster teamwork and cooperation in the classroom and beyond.

If you are a teacher or parent interested in bringing Chaskinakuy to your school, send an e-mail to: Please indicate your name, school, location, and date(s) you wish to schedule. If you'd like to speak in person, please include your telephone number and indicate the best time to reach you.

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